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Star wars sites

Many different areas and landscapes were used to film Star Wars, much of the filming took place in Tunisia. Tunisia’s climate is dry and warm, which made it a perfect setting for the fictional planet Tatooine.

Matmata Barbar's houses

The houses themselves are built by first digging a deep circular pit into the sandstone, which is soft enough to work with simple hand tools. Caves are then dug out around the edges of the pit, forming the underground rooms and leaving the main pit as a courtyard.

EL Jam Amphitheatre

This is by far the most imposing Roman monument of Africa; its huge, round shape rises from the desert plain and can be seen from a great distance, especially as the town that grew around the monument is made up of low-lying buildings.

Camels rides

There has always been some sort of charm of riding on a camel, but when the scene is the desert in one of the most beautiful environments in the world there’s no doubt that things take a turn for the even more intriguing

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